Red Bulls Academy 2023 Fall Season Preview: U13 Head Coach, Juan BijKebbe


2023 Fall Academy Season Preview: U13 Head Coach, Juan BijKebbe

"I am looking forward to a year of growth and development for the New York Red Bulls U13 age group. This year we are thrilled to bring together such a passionate, diverse and energetic group of players. I am focused on improving and mastering their understanding and strategic thinking of the game. The U13 age group is particularly special because it marks a transition period for our players as they step up to the challenge of 11-a-side matches. This transition allows us to instill pivotal fundamentals that will lay the foundation for their future in the game.

To do this, an important focus will be given to fostering an environment where the player feels comfortable both being challenged and encouraged to learn through trial and error. We recognize that players at this age will experience many "firsts," and our goal is to establish trust right from the start. Our aim is to make this transition as productive as possible with players coming out on the other side confident, stronger, and more willing and able to face challenges ahead.

This season, we will spend a lot of time learning and mastering the New York Red Bulls playing principles. You can expect us in the training facility working towards improving a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that we measure on game days. Players will leverage game analysis and their Individual Development Plans to track progress and embed themselves in our philosophy.  

Looking back at the previous season, our U13s showcased their abilities by competing in one of Europe's most prestigious U13 tournaments. They went head-to-head with opponents such as Juventus, Benfica, PSV, and West Ham, among others. A true testament to the dedication and determination of our players, we were able to proudly bring home the championship trophy. This experience served as a vital learning opportunity for our team, and it sets a high bar that we are committed to striving for every day with this new group of talents.

I am honored to embark on this exciting journey with the New York Red Bulls U13 2011 age group."

- Juan BijKebbe