Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy (SALA) is the preferred education partner of the New York Red Bulls Academy and as part of our long-term strategic partnership, the Academy’s technical staff will deliver weekly training sessions to the school’s student-athletes over the course of the fall season.

 SALA’s student-athletes will be exposed to a highly intensive training curriculum built around the key tactical principles and playing philosophy of The Red Bulls Way. The training topics include attacking and defensive principles, high pressing, counter-pressing, and game day preparation.

 To conclude the program, the top performing student-athletes from SALA will also play in two (2) games versus the Academy’s U14 and U15 teams at Red Bulls Training Facility in November.

 Since the inception of our partnership, four (4) Red Bulls Academy players have enrolled at SALA – including our most recent Homegrown signing Bento Estrela.

Colby Cunha, Red Bulls Academy Coach:

“It was a real privilege to come to SALA to meet all the staff and students. The staff were extremely welcoming, and the players demonstrated impeccable manners and respect. During the session, the student-athletes were exceptional with dealing with the increases in intensity and many of the players showed a fantastic aptitude to the instructions, feedback and information provided. We are really excited to be working with the group over the next few weeks and seeing significant improvements in their development.”

Sean Hankins, SALA 8th Grade Scholar-Athlete:

"The Red Bulls Academy coaches brought out the very best in all of us. The coaches ensured that we raised our standards and intensity throughout the entire session. I can't wait for next week!” 

Brayn Diaz, SALA 12th Grade Scholar-Athlete:

"The first training session was very quick and very intense. It was great to learn the terminologies that the Academy players and coaches use on a daily basis. The emphasis on leadership is strong just like it is at SALA. It was awesome having Red Bull Academy coaches come to SALA to train us. I am already looking forward to next week!”

Sam Gough, SALA School Founder:

"As a leading-edge learning community, we are always looking to increase the value and professional voices surrounding our scholar-athletes. The Red Bulls Academy partnership enhances the learner experience at SALA and provides us with unique access and insight into the domestic professional pathway".  

For more information on our partnership with SALA, please click here.