Winter Virtual Clinics

Compliment your regular club/team-based training from the comfort and safety of home with Winter Virtual Clinics!

Our custom curriculum provides individual technical development with each training session designed for small spaces (e.g.: living room, bedroom, garage, basement, backyard, etc.). Virtual Clinics help improve skills and keep players active no matter where they are.


RBYP Virtual Clinic details:

  • 4 weeks of live training, with a 1 hour session each week
  • Live training sessions with professional Red Bulls Youth Programs coaches (with virtual experience!)
  • Fun classroom activities and opportunities for group interaction and creativity
  • Nutrition and wellness tips
  • An innovative approach to skill development that maximizes ball contact and repetitions that is fun and challenging! 
  • Limited to group sizes of 2:12 (coaches:players) to create the highest quality coach-to-player interactions
  • Virtual clinics also provide a great supplement to school P.E. lessons
  • Ages: 7 to 14 years old



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

  • 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM-6:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Holiday Season (3 weeks): Begins week of Nov. 30

Season 1: Begins week of Jan. 4

Season 2: Begins week of Feb. 1

Season 3: Begins week of March 1


The three-week Holiday Season is $75, and the four-week seasons in January and February are $85. Full registration info coming soon.

More soccer = more discounts! 

  • 10% sibling discount 
  • 10% discount off total price if registering for any 2 sessions at the same time 
  • 15% discount off total price if registering for any 3+ sessions at the same time 


Virtual Camp FAQs

 Why Red Bulls virtual clinics?
The New York Red Bulls Player Development System is a multi-layered approach that provides a professional training environment for youth players. The youth programs are operated as part of the Red Bull's homegrown approach to player development. The Red Bulls draw on extensive support and expertise from a global soccer brand to offer the highest level of youth soccer programs in the Tri-State area. Our coaches receive extensive training that continues throughout their tenure with the Red Bulls, all supporting the coaches' ultimate goal: help players develop and reach their highest potential. This will now be provided virtually
 What makes Red Bulls Virtual Clinics different?
RBYP coaches have been teaching in the virtual space since lockdown commenced, by delivering frequent online classes to our extensive network of club partners. Our staff is highly experienced not only with the technologies we use but also in the teaching skills required to optimize a virtual learning environment.
 How much does it cost?
The three-week Holiday Season in December is $75, and the four-week seasons in January and February are $85. Discounts are available for siblings and multi-season sign ups.
 How long is the clinic program?
Each session is one hour. Each season is four sessions, once per week. This Winter, there are three seasons: December, January, and February.
 What digital platform will the clinics be using?
We will be hosting our sessions on Zoom.
 What device should I use?
We would recommend a laptop or desktop computer, however, a phone or tablet propped up will work just as well.
 Do I need special software or video equipment?
You will just need to make sure you are connected to high speed wifi and ensure your camera and microphone on your computer, tablet or cell phone are working.
 Is the platform safe/secure? What are you doing about online safety?
Keeping in mind our value of safety for our participants, we have worked diligently to identify a platform that meets our standards with adequate safety features. There are four levels of security built into the online platform and with a fifth and best level of security being you the parent. 1. Parent-Child Expectations. The first step to ensure safety for your child is to review our camp standards. It is the expectation for parents to agree to all policies and explain these rules to their child. 2. Password Protected Account. The second step to ensure safety is the requirement for your child to set up a password-protected account to access the platform. 3. Individual Invitation Link. After the personal account is created, your child shall receive an individual link that allows him or her access to the events for the week registered (camp). Without a link, your child cannot enter the platform and participate in the camp. No one is allowed entry into your child's cabin without a personalized link. 4. Regional Coach Approved Entry. The third online safety feature is the requirement for a moderator (Regional Coach) to approve each camper entering cabin specific events. The counselor has the tools to deny entry for anyone not identified as a camper in the room and to terminate entry if the camper engages in inappropriate behavior antithetical to Red Bull culture. Each counselor will have a list of registered campers and a master list for the entire camp by which to cross-check approvals. 5. Zoom security:
 Who will be supervising the online session?
Not only will our organization have the coach running the session, but we will also have one regional coordinator and one regional manager on the call as well.
 What if I have technical difficulties?
If you experience technical difficulty, you may reach out to one of our staff coaches or regional managers who will assist you with getting the program up and running.
 What do I need to do as a parent?
As a parent, you will need to find up to a 5’x5’ space in your house, clear of furniture or any debris. If it is near a wall or hard surface a ball can bounce off of, that will be helpful as well. After that sit back and watch.
 Can I sign my child up in a private session with their friends?
With small group sizes, the sessions will be fairly small already and your child will be with his friend in that group. We also offer team training as well, which would another avenue for you and your child’s friends.
 How do I log in?
A link will be sent to you by our regional coach, 30 minutes before the camp beginning. This helps to ensure all parties are secure and your child can enjoy the camp.
 What if my child can’t attend one of the days?
If your child is unable to attend a week of your clinic, you can reach out to our customer service representatives who will assist you in attending another session as a make-up. You would also have the option to take a credit which has no expiration date and can be used on another camp or clinic in the future.
 What equipment will my child need?
Your child will need a soccer ball, cones (items that can be used as cones), water, 5’x5’ space, a shoe with a flat sole, and a growth mindset.
 Will my child be interacting with other players on the camp?
Yes, our staff will have different activities that will allow the children to communicate and interact with one another.
 Do I need to sign-up multiple children separately or can they attend the same session?
We would ask that you register each child before joining the camp, and we will do our best to add them to the same session.
 What will my child receive from attending this camp?
As part of the camp, players will be provided a homework scorecard and access to an exclusive and extensive pre-recorded video library.
 How will the children be grouped on the camp?
The children will be grouped by age. Example: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14.
 Can my child attend more than one week?
Yes, but they will need to register for each week individually.
 What happens if I or my child records any part of the virtual clinic?
To keep Red Bulls Virtual Clinics safe for all participants, there is no recording allowed. If it is determined that a participant recorded any portion of the clinic (i.e. we see an unauthorized recording on social media), they will not be allowed to participate in any future programs, virtually or physically.
 I have another question; what do I do?
If you still have further questions, we ask that you reach out to us via phone 888-370-7287 or email at
 Refund Policy
No refunds will be given for cancellations that are made within 7 days of the program start date. If you learn you cannot attend a program within 7 days of the start date, we will work with you to find another complimentary program that works for your family. If you need to cancel or make changes to your program registration, please email If a child is removed by one of our staff due to misconduct (eg: cyber-bullying, profanity, harassment, etc), no refund will be given.