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What training options are available within RDS?

For players who are looking for additional training to supplement their existing travel team schedule, RDS offers training on a year round basis.

8-week programs are available in both the spring and fall, and two separate 6-week programs are available in the winter. In the summer, camps are available on a residential (sleep-away) basis, and non-residential (day camp) basis.

Special curricula are also available for Goalkeepers, and those wishing to participate in our futsal-based Futbolinho.

Players who excel in RDS will have the opportunity to represent the RDS Winter and Summer Showcase Teams, which are accessible by invitation only.

RDS now also offers a comprehensive year-round travel team experience, as part of the Regional Teams initiative.

Can I sign up for multiple try-outs, and will I have an opportunity to withdraw my interest?

To maximize your chances of selection, you are welcome to sign up for as many try-outs as you wish - they are free!

If - after attending try-out - you realize the training location is not feasible due to location, time, or any other reason, we will be happy to withdraw a player from consideration.

If you need to withdraw your interest, we ask that you notify us quickly (within a couple of hours of the try-out's conclusion). After the application has been accepted, any subsequent refunds will be subject to a $60 administrative fee.

When does registration typically open, and where can I find the schedule?

Registration for try-outs typically opens two-months before the programs’ start date. Spring programs run April to June, summer runs June to August, fall runs Sept. to Nov., and winter Nov. to March.

The summer camp schedule is normally posted in early January, and is updated as camps are added to the schedule.

To see programs that are currently open, click here.

What are the key benefits of participating in the RDS?

RDS offers advanced individual technical training, designed to help players maximize their potential.

Focusing on individual aspects of the game, a comprehensive and diverse curriculum helps each participant become a more confident and composed player.

All try-out based programs offer a detailed end-of-season player evaluation, a homework scorecard, provide eligibility for the RDS Showcase Tournament Teams, and a platform to earn consideration for Red Bulls Academy teams.

All participants receive a training t-shirt, and summer camp and Futbolinho participants are also provided with a soccer ball.

RDS try-outs are free, so why am I giving credit card info at the time of registration?

At the time of registration, you’ll need to submit credit card details. This allows us to quickly and efficiently process your payment should your child be accepted at try-out.

Although no payment is taken at this time, some cards may show a pending charge, which means the funds are being “held” subject to being processed.

In the event your child is not successful at try-out, the application is declined, and no charge will be made to your card.

I’ve registered. When can I expect to receive more info?

You’ll know you’ve registered when you receive a system-generated receipt via email. However, this confirmation email will only contain very basic information, much of which can be subject to minor changes based on registration volume.

We’ll then send a one-week reminder, which will be much more detailed, and will contain all additional information you need for your chosen program. A one-day reminder is also emailed the day before so you will be ready to go.

If you’ve registered for an RDS Residential Camp, you’ll receive your confirmation email one-month in advance of the camp start date. We know you need time to plan for these overnight stays, so we give a little more time to prepare.

Are RDS try-outs mandatory, and how do they work?

Yes, try-outs are mandatory for all participants, irrespective of previous RDS status. Try-outs involve age-appropriate small-sided games, and are a fun and engaging experience for all players, regardless of the final outcome.

I can’t make the try-out. What are my options?

For players that have participated in the RDS before, we can use prior participation as a means of consideration. Although this is no guarantee of acceptance, we’ll certainly have a reference point to work from. Just register as normal, and remind us of their absence when you get your one-day reminder.

For those who are applying for the first time, players may register for a different try-out, and subject to acceptance, request a switch to their preferred training location.

Note that this is not an option for the winter, when try-out volume is at its greatest, and players must be present at the location they wish to be considered for.

My child is missing a training session. Can they do a make-up?

We want you to get value for money, so we’re happy to offer make-up sessions, subject to availability. Most RDS locations are fully booked, so this is contingent on a player being absent, and a space being open.

Should you wish to arrange a make-up, email us on the day of a given session requesting attendance that night. Should a space be available, we’ll confirm via email, along with all information you need, and inform the coaches so they know to expect you.

For these reasons, if you’re missing a session, it helps if you email us to let us know.

How will I know if a session is cancelled?

If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather, or any other reason, we'll send an email to all participants to let them know.

You can also check the status of all RDS sessions, by checking the weather update page.

How does my child earn consideration for the RDS Showcase Tournament Teams?

A player earns eligibility for the Showcase Teams each time they participate in the RDS. At the end of each season, the coaches nominate their top players, who then enter our database of Showcase prospects.

Winter Showcase try-outs are held in September and October, and contain players nominated from the previous annual cycle of fall-winter-spring-summer sessions. If your child is nominated, you’ll be notified via email shortly beforehand.

Summer Showcase Teams are then formed from the Winter Showcase pool. Once again, if your child is identified, we’ll reach out via email to let you know.

How does my child earn consideration for the Academy Teams?

Participation in RDS is the best way to earn consideration for selection for the Academy teams. We have a vast player network of around 7,000 players each year, so we are in a great position to identify who the top players in the region are.

If your child is identified as an Academy candidate, we’ll normally notify you around the start of the spring season as we start to formulate the selection process for the following fall. We won’t notify you unless your child is a realistic candidate.

If we don’t recommend a player to the Academy, they can still apply on their own behalf here.

My child supports NYCFC. Are they allowed to attend RDS?

Sure. But we’ll feel bad for them, and try to talk them round…

What is your policy on racism?

It is not tolerated on any of our programs.
Racial, religious, or national origin harassment is expressly prohibited by the Red Bulls. Racial, religious, or national origin harassment includes any verbal, written, or physical act in which race, religion, or national origin is used or implied in a manner which would make a player uncomfortable in the program. Examples of race, religious or national origin harassment may include, but are not limited to:
· Jokes, which include reference to race, religion, or national origin.
· The display or use of objects or pictures which adversely reflect on a person's race, religion, or national origin.
· Use of pejorative or demeaning language regarding a person's race, religion, or national origin.
· Players who violate this policy will be removed from the program

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