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Virtual Camp Orientation: Day Camps

To ensure you and your child are ready for an exciting camp week, please join us for a virtual Day camp orientation, the orientation will cover important Day camp preparation and schedule information.

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What makes a Red Bulls Day Camp unique and what can I expect from a Red Bulls Day Camp?

New York Red Bull soccer camps are the first and most successful camps throughout New York and New Jersey that are operated directly by a professional soccer team. All Residential Camp programs have been specifically designed by professional soccer experts to meet the needs of youth soccer players who attend these camps. Additionally, each camp meets local Department of Health Standards. New York Red Bulls Youth Programs’ philosophy is to “Create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn.”

Our Residential Camp programs are designed with the New York Red Bulls “Building Blocks of Player Development.” Within each building block, an extensive curriculum is offered. Included with a camper’s completion of each camp is the opportunity to attend a Red Bulls home game through our Match Day Experience program.

How do I register for a camp program?

All camp registrations are completed online. Click here to view the schedule. In a few instances (such as with parks and recreation departments), it is possible to register directly with the sponsoring organization.

Are there camps for players of all ages and abilities?

Yes, the Red Bulls offer the following camp programs:

  • Mini Bulls Camp (4 - 5 years)
  • Skills Camp (7 - 14 years)
  • Team Camp (8 - 18 years)
  • Regional Development School (RDS) (7 - 14 years)
  • Residential Camp (9 - 16 years)

How are players grouped at camp?

Players are grouped based on both age and ability levels. Group allocation is reviewed at the end of each camp day and players may be moved accordingly to ensure they are in the correct environment and constantly being challenged.

Are players supervised at all times?

Absolutely. Camper health and safety is our number one priority. We follow a strict safety policy that ensures that there is always an adequate number of camper supervisors at all times. We also ensure that each camper is always signed in and signed out of camp by an approved adult.

What will happen in cases of injury or illness?

At all of our camps, the head coach holds an American Red Cross certificate in responding to emergencies and CPR for the professional rescuer. However, the usual course of action once any serious injury is stabilized is to contact the parents and, if necessary, the local emergency services. In the registration process, we also ask important medical questions so that we are always aware of any pre-existing injury or illness.

Do I need to bring my child’s immunization records to camp?

Yes, for all 5-day or longer camp programs. State Health and Safety regulations require that your child is up to date with age-appropriate vaccinations as listed below. Campers who aren’t vaccinated won’t be permitted on camp unless there is a bona fide medical or religious exception.

Vaccination requirements to attend Camp:

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus
  • Haemophilus Influenza type B
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Varicella (chicken pox)

Following online registration, you will be directed to complete an online immunization record or attestation for religious or medical waivers. If you are attending multiple camp weeks only one completed form is required for the camp season.

For more information on state vaccination requirements visit:

Do I need to check in on the first day of camp?

Yes, on the first day, you should arrive 15 minutes prior to the camp start time in order to check-in. At check-in, we will confirm that you are registered and distribute any necessary equipment.

Is there a set check-in and check-out location and procedure?

Once you reach the entrance to the facility where the camp is taking place, please make your way to the main field area and you will see Red Bulls coaches. On the first day there will be a designated check-in area. After the first day, campers will go straight to their individual groups. It is important that you ensure your child knows your coach's name and reports to the correct group before you leave.

When picking up campers, we do not allow parents to remain in their car and have campers walk to them. You must park, come to the pick-up point to collect your child, and sign out.

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early?

Please notify your child's coach at morning drop-off. You must personally go to your child’s group, make yourself known to the coach, and collect your child before they can be signed out.

What if I need someone other than myself to pick my child up?

Please provide a signed note with the full name of the person you authorize to pick up your child at check-in. If the change occurs during the camp week please contact the personnel listed on the camp-specific FAQ and notify them of the change. Those individuals picking up the player will need to bring identification.

Please be aware that our staff will not allow any child to be picked up by someone that the child does not recognize. If there is someone or people NOT permitted to pick your child up, please contact our office at 1.888.370.7287 to request the required form to complete. This form must be given to the Camp Director at check-in.

What clothing/items should my child wear/bring to camp?

Your child should bring the following items to camp:

  • Soccer shin pads
  • Soccer footwear (Indoor and Outdoor)
    • Note: not all locations have indoor facilities.
  • Soccer clothing
    • Note: clothing the child is comfortable being active in, uniform is not nessecary.
  • Water bottle or cooler
  • A light snack (For full day camps, a packed lunch)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent

What should my child refrain from bringing to camp?

Anything of value should be left at home in order to ensure the safety of your child's belongings. Any type of hand-held computer game should not be brought to camp as the number one focus is always on soccer!

What will my child receive at camp?

At most camps, players will receive the following items:

  • Soccer ball
  • Red Bulls T-shirt
  • Free ticket to a New York Red Bulls match

Note: There are a small number of camps that choose not to include a ball and t-shirt in the camp program. Please check the local brochure for exact benefits. If the camp doesn’t include a ball, each child should bring a ball with them.

What is the Match Day Experience Event at Red Bull Arena?

Every player that attends a camp program is eligible for free or discounted tickets to select New York Red Bulls home games through our Match Day Experience offer. Click here for more information!

Here at the Red Bulls we strongly believe that watching live soccer is an important part of a young player’s overall development. The Red Bulls training staff encourages players to watch professional soccer and learn from their role models.

The Match Day Experience provides an excellent opportunity to come and watch the New York Red Bulls play. At camp, players and parents will be given a flyer that details how tickets can be ordered online at redbullsacademy.com

How do I redeem my Match Day Experience ticket?

As part of your Red Bulls Youth Programs registration you are eligible to receive one complimentary ticket to a New York Red Bulls regular season home match. The ticket is valid for any section with an accompanying adult purchase. Additional tickets are available at a youth member discounted rate, are based on availability, and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Click here for more info and to redeem your ticket.

Are there bathroom facilities at camp?

Yes, either permanent or portable facilities will be available at all locations.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

If it's just rain, we play! The only time we stop playing is in the case of extremely inclement weather or thunder and lightning. Our coaches are familiar with each facility and they are experienced in making the correct decision should the weather become an issue.

The safety and well-being of the children is our number one priority. If it is raining in the morning please travel to the site unless otherwise directed, as decisions will be made by the head coach at each individual location.

We will make every attempt to make up any lost time throughout the week by extending the camp day or starting camp earlier each day. It is rare that we are unable to make up lost time throughout the week. In the event that the program cannot be made up, no refunds or credits are offered.

What happens if there is extreme heat?

The head coach of the camp is responsible for monitoring the weather forecast daily. If the heat index rises to extreme or dangerous levels the camp day will be adjusted accordingly. The following heat index guidelines are adhered to on all camp programs:

Heat Index

  • Below 90: Training conditions are comfortable, use normal rehydration principles.
  • 90 to 95: Temperature starts to become uncomfortable, watch for signs of heat illness. Modify frequency of water breaks if needed, take breaks in shade.
  • 95 to 100: Training sessions should be shortened and intensity levels modified. Training sessions for players 7 and under should be cancelled.
  • 100 to 105: Use extreme caution. Training sessions should be reduced in length, with very frequent water breaks. Where possible, sessions should be moved to a cooler time of the day.
  • 105 or higher: Training should be cancelled for all ages.

In the event that a camp is modified or cancelled you will be notified accordingly.

Details of the heat index can be found here.

What is the cancellation policy after payment has been made?

All cancellations are subject to a $30 processing fee, provided that they are made prior to 14 days of the program start date.

No refunds will be given for cancellations that are made within 14 days of the program start date. If you learn you cannot attend a program within 14 days of the start date, we will work with you to find another complimentary program that works for your family. If you need to cancel or make changes to your program registration, please email training@newyorkredbulls.com.

In the event that a program is cut short due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen issues, every effort is made to make-up lost time. In the event that the program cannot be made up, no refunds or credits are offered.

Should campers bring food or drink to the camp?

It is essential that every camper brings adequate amounts of water to camp on a daily basis. We recommend at least 32 fl. oz. of water for a 3-hour camp and at least 64 fl. oz. of water for a 6-hour camp. No food is provided on any of our day camp programs. It is suggested that for camps lasting less than four hours per day, participants bring no more than a light snack. For camps lasting five hours or more, it is suggested that campers bring a healthy lunch. Please note there is no refrigeration available to store food. Campers attending a residential camp should bring a refillable water bottle as there will be coolers for refills.

Where can I find a list of local camps?

All our camps are listed here! When viewing the page, you can also search by zip code and/or age range.

There’s no camp in my town, can I set one up?

Yes, please email us at training@newyorkredbulls.com for further information.

What if my child needs to take medication during a day camp?

For day camps, Red Bulls does not allow campers to bring on camp prescription or over the counter medication and do not provide a secure area to store medication. Any camper that requires medication must have a parent or guardian at camp to store and administer the medication.

Epi-pen/inhaler are permitted if prescribed by a doctor.

Is jewelry allowed to be worn at camps?

We recommend that jewelry is not worn during the camp or clinic session. If an item needs to be worn, we would ask that your child follows the same protocols as a game day, such as putting tape or band-aids on stud earrings.

Can my child and their friend be grouped together on a day camp?

Your child and their friend can be grouped together on a day camp upon request, so long as they are the same age. Please email us at Training@newyorkredbulls.com and include the names of the participants and what camp location they will be attending so we can notify our staff.

What is the skill level of the players on a day camp?

Our Skills Camps (Day Camps) are for players of any level. Our staff does a great job of working with and balancing all ability levels on the field.

How are the groups set up?

Our groups on camp are broken up by the age of the player at the time of camp. If a player is excelling, we may look to move them up to another group. This will be at the staff's discretion on the field.

Is the camp co-ed?

Yes, all of our Day Camps are co-ed.

Difference between RDS and RBYP camp?

The difference between RDS and a Youth Programs camp is that RDS is for a higher-level travel or club player. Youth Programs camps are open to anyone who would like to participate, within the age range provided.

Why are the prices differ from one camp location to another?

We work with various clubs and townships throughout New Jersey and New York, all of whom have different field rental costs and contractual obligations. All of our camps are priced accordingly to ensure the best price for you.

What is your policy on racism?

 It is not tolerated on any of our programs.

Racial, religious, or national origin harassment is expressly prohibited by the Red Bulls. Racial, religious, or national origin harassment includes any verbal, written, or physical act in which race, religion, or national origin is used or implied in a manner which would make a player uncomfortable in the program. Examples of race, religious, or national origin harassment may include, but are not limited to:

· Jokes, which include reference to race, religion, or national origin.

· The display or use of objects or pictures which adversely reflect on a person's race, religion, or national origin.

· Use of pejorative or demeaning language regarding a person's race, religion, or national origin.

· Players who violate this policy will be removed from the program

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