Red Bulls Goalie Wars is a fast-paced, action-packed game, where goalkeepers compete 1v1 and try to score as many goals as possible while simultaneously defending their own goal. Red Bulls Goalie Wars takes this classic game and puts it into a competitive tournament format for the ultimate in fun-filled functional training.

In addition to the competitive tournament format, Red Bulls Goalie Wars provides an opportunity for players to be identified for the select teams in our player development pathway. Top performers can be identified and selected for our Academy Teams, Pre-Academy Teams, RDS Showcase, and Regional Select Teams.

Key Details:

  • Regionally Based
  • Invite only Grand Finale at Red Bull Training Facility
  • Awards given to champions/top performers
  • All players earn candidacy for the RDS showcase teams
  • Top talents will be given the opportunity to train with or try out for Red Bull’s Academy, Pre-Academy, and/or RDS Showcase teams.

Available for the following age groups:

· 2010 birth years (U14)

· 2011 birth years (U13)

· 2012 birth years (U12)

· 2013 birth years (U11)

· 2014 birth years (U10)