The New York Red Bulls Youth Programs operate a fun-based Skills Challenge at our Residential Camps that provides camp participants with an opportunity to test their skills in a fun competitive environment. The skills challenges are only offered at all New York Red Bulls Residential Soccer Camps.

Skills Challenge Components

The Red Bulls Skills Challenge is comprised of five simply structured challenges that measure technical ability in the following areas:

  1. Dribbling
  2. Turning
  3. Receiving
  4. Passing
  5. Shooting

The section below provides a written description and video of each challenge. The Red Bulls strongly encourage all clubs, coaches, parents, and players to download the challenges as part of their child's ongoing individual development.

Skills Challenge Administration

Skills Challenges are conducted at Red Bulls Residential Camp programs. We also actively encourage organizations, teams and parents to download the challenge instructions and administer unofficial challenges. This can provide a great way of preparing your players for an official Skills Challenge.

Skills Challenge Ages

The skills challenge is designed for boys and girls ages 9 and above. The challenges can be used for recreational to travel team players and are easy enough so that players can set up and practice by themselves.

Skills Challenge Yearly Awards – The Road to Red Bull Arena

The primary philosophy of the skills challenge is to engage players to develop a motivation and desire to practice in their own time, away from structured sessions. Additionally, to help create a fun and competitive learning environment, all scores from Residential Camps are recorded. The top players in each age group are invited to a Skills Challenge Final held at Red Bulls Training Facility, usually scheduled in early fall. Winners are then recognized on the field at Red Bull Arena during a New York Red Bulls match.

Skills Challenge Training

The Red Bulls methodology encourages a pick up soccer mentality where players develop a motivation and desire to practice on their own. Before and after the challenge, players can visit the Red Bulls Skills Challenge page and watch skills videos. These videos provide targeted training sessions that will help improve a players mastery of the ball.