Which Residential camp locations are being offered?

A list of locations that we will be hosting our overnight camps can be found here.

What if there is a change to State guidelines and overnight camps are not allowed to operate?

All registered campers will receive a full refund.

How many players will be at camp?

At the current time, we are limiting each camp to a maximum of 90 players. Once state guidance is released, this number may increase if facility and dorm set-up permit. For RDS Camps, this capacity is less than 50% of prior years, so we anticipate camps to fill up quickly.

Does my child need to be vaccinated in order to attend camp?

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently not authorized for use in children under the age of 16.

What safety guidelines will you follow?

In 2020, we created a COVID Camp Operating plan that outlined all of our safety and supervision protocols. This was based on guidelines from the state and local health departments and the CDC. At this point, we are still waiting for the 2021 overnight camp operating protocols to be released and will incorporate all requirements into our operating plans.

What changes will we see at camp in 2021?

Campers will be assigned to cohorts that will remain together for the entire camp session without mixing with other campers and staff in close contact circumstances.

Does my child have to wear a mask at camp?


  • Staff and campers must wear face coverings at all times except when not practicable, such as when eating, drinking, sleeping or swimming
  • In indoor settings, it is particularly important to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing when masks cannot be work, such as eating or drinking.

Outdoors – when social distancing of 6ft cannot be maintained, staff and campers should wear face coverings.

  • Check-in
  • Check-outBathroom breaks

Staff and campers do not need to wear face masks during active sessions. Staff and campers should wear face masks indoors and outdoors, as described above, unless:

  • doing so is impracticable, such as when staff and a camper is eating or drinking
  • Or, while the individual is in the water

What kind of financial commitment do I need to make to camp to reserve my child’s spot?

A deposit is due at the time of registration, campers will be enrolled in a payment plan which will automatically debit the final balance 4 weeks prior to the camp start date.

Will my child have to quarantine before camp?

The CDC recommends a 2-week pre-arrival quarantine in the lead up to the camp week, campers should take extra precaution to help limit potential exposure to COVID-19, this includes avoiding larger gatherings, wearing a mask and limiting exposure through indoor gatherings and following all CDC, State, and local guidelines.

Will my camper have to get a COVID test prior to their arrival at camp?

The State Department of Health have the following testing requirements:

At Residential Check-in, all campers must provide a physical copy of one of the following three COVID-19 documents:

  1. A negative PCR Covid-19 test within 72 hours of the first day of camp (Note: Rapid Antigen Tests are not accepted by the Department of Health)
  2. Proof of having completed the COVID-19 vaccination series at least 14 days prior to the date of arrival at camp
  3. Laboratory confirmed positive COVID-19 test in the previous 3 months.

New Jersey Overnight Camps ONLY (required by New Jersey Department of Health):

The following on-site testing requirements will be followed unless your child has provided proof of either point 2 or 3 from above:

  • During camp, an on-site COVID-19 test will be conducted by our partner vendor BioReference.
  • The cost of the test is $75 and must be paid prior to arrival at camp.
  • To complete payment for test, please click the link below and complete each step: COVID-19 On-Camp Test Payment
  • Bring a printed copy of payment confirmation (“Registration Confirmation”) with you to check-in
  • Please also print and fill out the COVID Test Waiver

Will a COVID test be required for my child during the camp week?

Yes. On the Wednesday morning of the camp week itself, all campers be required to take an additional COVID test as per the NJ Department of Health Guidelines (We are still waiting on NY Department of Health Guidelines). The testing will be conducted on site by a health care provider. A COVID test fee in the region of $100 to $150 will be required in addition to the camp registration fee. More information will be provided prior to the camp week. If your child is attending multiple weeks of camp, they will have to provide proof of a negative Rapid Test at check in. Additionally, they will need to take the Rapid Test on the Wednesday during camp for every camp week they are attending. If your child leaves the camp for any reason and wants to return, they will need to the test again prior to arriving back on site.

What if a camper experiences COVID like symptoms during the camp week?

Daily health checks will be performed to monitor for signs of COVID symptoms, campers that experience any symptoms will be isolated and parents called to arrange for pick up.

Can a child from another state or country attend camp?

Yes. However, any camper traveling to the camp from outside of the host states must follow current New Jersey or New York quarantine guidelines.

Additional Note:

CDC recommends the following after returning home from camp: campers should get tested with a viral test 3–5 days after traveling home from camp AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.

I have more questions or can’t find what I’m looking for. Who can I reach out to?

Please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-370-7287 or email us at

For RDS, call 973-776-8835, or email us at