What age groups are eligible for the program?

All regions offer boys' and girls' teams in four age groups: 2012 (U12), 2013 (U11), 2014 (U10), and 2015 (U9). Players born in 2015 and later are encouraged to wait until next year’s program to try out, as the teams are competitive, and very few players will be selected to play up.

Is this program eligible for both boys and girls?

Yes, all age groups will feature boys’ and girls’ teams. If an age/gender group is unavailable at your selected region, and your child is still deemed an appropriate candidate for the program, they will have the option of joining an older age group or (in some cases) representing a different region.

What level is the program targeted at?

All players should be competitive travel players to benefit from this high-level environment. As a rule, players should be playing for their local club’s top-level team in their age group.

How does Regional Select differ from Regional Development School (RDS)?

The Regional Development School (or RDS) offers year-round supplementary training to high-level players in a club-neutral environment but offers no guarantee of competitive tournament play. Although the top players in RDS earn the opportunity to represent the RDS Showcase Tournament teams, this level of the program is invite-only, and only around the top 1% of players in the RDS reach this level. Regional Select provides a more accessible pathway to tournament play with the Red Bulls.

Do I need access to my child’s player card to participate?

No. You will need to provide a photo ID with proof of DOB (passport, school ID, or similar), but access to the player card is not required. After try-out, and if your child successfully earns a space on the teams, we recommend discussing it with your club coach, as some clubs have a code of conduct prohibiting guest play.

My child has the opportunity to represent both the RDS Summer Showcase and Regional Select. Which should they choose?

In short, you should always choose the training location that suits you best based on location and availability. However, the RDS Summer Showcase teams pull from a larger audience, and feature players from across all five regions, so are therefore a more advanced group of players. It is not possible to play in both programs, as the tournament schedule is the same, and teams will likely play against each other at some point in the summer. As such, if your child is fortunate enough to earn an invite to the RDS Summer Showcase, this would be a more competitive group and should be prioritized if geographically possible.

How large are the rosters, and what playing time should my child expect?

Each roster is small to guarantee low player/coach ratios and maximize playing time during the tournaments. U9 through U11 play 7v7 and feature rosters of around 12 players, while the U12 play 9v9 and have a roster size of up to 15.

What is the Regional Select Residential Camp?

The Regional Select Residential Camp is optional and provides an option for Select players from all regions to participate in the same sleep-away camp. The camp is scheduled at the Peddie School from 6/23 to 6/27, the program's start, to better prepare the teams for tournament play. The five-day camp features a range of tactical classroom sessions, team-building activities, technical training sessions, inter-region scrimmages, and tournament play.

Are there any minimum attendance expectations/requirements, and how is this tracked?

To maximize your experience, it is recommended that players are available for at least four of the six training sessions and both EDP tournaments. Once the rosters are finalized, you will be sent an invite to join TeamSnap, where you can list your child’s availability.

When does registration open, and do I need to know any other key dates?

Registration for the program opens on Monday, March 4, at which time you will be able to register for your chosen try-out. When available, you will be able to register HERE. A virtual open house will be held on Tuesday, April 2, to share more information for those considering attending, and you can register for this HERE. We encourage signing up for try-outs before the open house, as we expect huge demand for the program, and many try-outs will already be at capacity by the time the open house is held.

Will we have any other age groups?

Other ages are not the current focus at this time. If a player is older or younger, we ask that you fill in the Typeform to indicate your interest. At which point we will evaluate to see what kind of interest there is among that age group.

What seasons is the Regional Select Program Offered?

The Regional Select Program will be offered in the Summer and Winter.

What if a player can not make their region's try-out?

We would ask that they attend the North NJ tryout on 4.18, but you must email us at training@newyorkredbulls.com to notify us of this change.

Times of training?

Currently, they are scheduled for 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Times could vary slightly and we will keep you up to date on those.

Is this replacing Central Select?

Yes, Central Select was the successful pilot for us in rolling out the initiative across all our regions.

Is there a Goalkeeper option?

Goalkeepers are eligible to register. However, outside of the (optional) residential camp, they won't receive Goalkeeper-specific training on a weekly basis. They will train with their teams.