RDS Talent Centers offer cost-free supplementary training programs to underserved areas with a high concentration of talented youth soccer players.

Typically featuring six weeks of training, one night per week, the sessions operate the RDS curriculum and provide access to the same features and benefits*, including:

  • High-level, technical, individual training with a low player-coach ratio
  • Eligibility for RDS Winter and Summer Showcase teams
  • Assessment for RDS Pre-Academy teams
  • Consideration for Red Bulls Academy teams

*Note: Participation in an RDS Talent Center does not include a full written evaluation, which are only provided in the RDS clinics and RDS Residential Camps.

Talent Centers are currently being offered in partnership with the following clubs:

RDS Talent Centers logo

Ironbound Soccer Club:

The Ironbound SC Talent Center is exclusively open to players registered with ISC. Try-outs are held in the fall season, with successful candidates participating in six weeks of training in the fall and spring seasons.

For more information on how to join Ironbound SC, and earn eligibility for the next ISC Talent Center, visit: https://www.ironboundsoccer.com

NASA United FC:

The NASA United FC Talent Center is open to players registered with NASA, as well as external players from other clubs in the region.

For more information on how to join NASA United FC, and to be the first to know about the next NASA Talent Center (spring 2020), visit: http://www.nasaunited.com

Looking to host a Talent Center in your region?

Red Bulls are always looking to add Talent Centers in the metro area. To qualify, host clubs should be able to provide the following:

  • High quality turf-field with lights
  • Access to a high-level player pool
  • Ability to cater to an underserved community

To apply to host a Talent Center at your club, email rds@newyorkredbulls.com