What clubs/teams are eligible?

Youth club teams with players born between 2008 and 2011

How do teams apply?

Registration info coming soon!

How many teams will participate?

We are expanding the festival to 64 total teams!

How are teams selected?

We are putting our own twist on a World Cup Group Draw!

When will we know if we made it in?

The draw will take place on May 24th. We'll announce the accepted teams by May 31st.

Where will Red Gen Cup take place?

Red Gen Cup will be held at the Red Bulls Training Facility in East Hanover, NJ.

Event Schedule

2020 schedule coming soon

Team Game Schedules

Coming soon!

Rules and Game Format

  • 4v4 (No GK)
  • 10 minutes per game
  • Substitutions on the fly
  • No offside
  • No penalty kicks
  • Kick offs, free kicks, throw-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks are used to start or restart play (opponents should be 10 yards away from the ball on all restarts)
  • If a team goes up by 3 goals, the opposing team can add an additional player, if they score again then, another player can be added etc.
  • If the team behind gets a goal back, they then must remove a player from the field, if score another, then remove another player etc.
  • E.G. if score becomes 3-0, the game is restarted playing 4v5, if score becomes 4-0, the game is restarted playing 4v6, if score becomes 4-1, the game is back to 4v5, if score becomes 4-2, the game is back to 4v4.
  • We will not be posting scores, tallying points etc. The concept of the event to allow players to showcase their abilities in a fun environment.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of 2 coaches/team managers on the sideline for games.
  • Red Bulls staff will keep the timing of games, all games will start/end at the same time.
  • Final team schedules/rules etc. will be handed to coaches upon arrival in hard copy format.
  • Each field will have an assigned Red Bulls field marshall/referee - they will oversee each game (their decisions are final!)
  • The players play - the coaches coach - the refs referee
  • Parents - sit back, relax, take loads of pictures and enjoy watching them play

How many players from a team can participate in Red Generation Cup?

Teams can register up to 8 players (a minimum of 6 players must attend Red Generation Cup).

Do all of the players need to be from the same team?

No, they just need to be from the same club.

How many teams per club can play at Red Generation Cup?

Any number of teams may apply.

Do I need a coach for my team?

Yes. If you are a parent willing to give your best effort, you'll do just fine coaching within our format.

Do we need player cards?

No, but make sure you bring your players!

What is the format of the Red Gen Cup?

It will run festival style small sided fields with exact rules and game schedules will be sent to the accepted teams. The event is focused on the importance of developing technical creative and confident players as opposed to winning at all costs. The Red Bulls approach is to help inspire passion in the next generation of young players. Through this unique festival concept, we aim to give individual players the opportunity express themselves in a fun and challenging environment.