• Learning a new skill and tracking your practice time away from your regular sessions couldn't be easier.
  • Print the HOMEWORK SCORECARD to track your progress
  • Keep the chart safe, and put it somewhere you can see it each day. You might put it on your bedroom wall, or maybe even on your fridge. Share your progress with friends and family as you work towards achieving your goals!


  • Choose a skill from the Technical Videos page
  • Add the skill description to your scorecard.
  • Now you are ready to start practicing! It doesn't always have to be on a soccer field...do you have a back-yard? Can you take a ball to school?
  • Each skill should be practiced in blocks of 50 repetitions. You always have the option to do more!
  • Cross off the numbers each time you have performed the skill 50 times. When you reach 500, congratulations, it's time to move on to a new skill!