Virtual Team Training -


Red Bulls Youth Programs is offering Virtual Team Training to youth soccer teams this winter. Virtual Team Training will provide youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development as a team from wherever they are this offseason. All sessions follow a proven virtual format that ensures maximum learning and skill retention.

Note: Winter Team Training cannot be combined with any individual discount offers.

STEP 1: Choose a season: January, February, or March

STEP 2: Complete the Team Request form with your team's info and preferred season


  • Custom-designed to develop skills in challenging environment 
  • Variety of activities that maximize ball contact
  • Expert coaching with increased technical repetitions
  • FUN!

Team Session Structure

  • Ball Mastery
  • Skill Development
  • Team Tactical Principles session

Summer Team Training Benefits

  • High intensity technical work outs
  • Personalized Team Development Plan
  • Individual Session Plans

To schedule a call with a Red Bulls team training representative, complete the following form: