Please see below for information about what to wear and what to bring to the Winter Training Clinics:


Our Winter Program locations have different types of surfaces depending on the type of training offered:

  • Winter Skills Clinics – Turf
  • It is important to note that locations with Artificial Turf Surfaces DO NOT allow cleats to be worn. This is both as a safety measure as well as a way to preserve the turf surfaces longer. This means that players attending a location with turf should wear either turf shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers.
  • Futbolinho Clinics – Hard Surfaced Flooring
  • At the Futbolinho Clinic locations with hard surfaced flooring, players should wear either Futbolinho shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers.
  • Surfaces will vary by location, please check your confirmation email for which surface your location has. This will determine the type of shoe necessary for the clinic.


Your player should wear the following for training:

  • Typical athletic soccer clothing
  • Warm-up clothing (training takes place indoors, however, it can be chilly prior to getting started)
  • Shin Pads (players will not be allowed to train without them!)
  • Footwear based on the type of surface the clinic will be taking place on. See above for more info.

Your player should also bring:

  • A full refillable water bottle.
  • Outer clothing appropriate for the outside weather – Despite the clinics taking place indoors, the walk to and from the car can be chilly, rainy, or snowy!
  • An alternate pair of shoes – This is suggested if the weather is rainy or snowy, as shoes may become wet when walking to the facility from the car (resulting in playing footwear too uncomfortable or too slippery to play in properly). It is always best to take care of your training gear!


For additional Health & Safety information, including PPE that your child should have on hand, please click here: Health & Safety Information

If you have any questions regarding your player’s Winter Training Clinic, please do not hesitate to reach out via email,, or phone 888.370.7287.