2023-24 Winter Clinic registration is now open! Find the right clinic for you and register today.

About Winter Clinics

Providing youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development during the off-season, Winter Clinics will run at select premium indoor locations throughout New York and New Jersey.

Ready for advanced soccer (and goalkeeper-specific training)? Check out RDS Clinics.

Winter Gear

We are excited to offer our Winter Gear selection from our partners at Soccer.com. Please visit our online store to purchase your winter gear. We encourage players to purchase at least one of the training shirts, shorts, and socks. This is entirely optional.

To purchase, CLICK HERE choose "Winter Programs Uniform" under Collections, and input "Winter" in the Name field.

Winter Training Benefits

  • Individual skills development
  • Off-season improvement
  • Premium indoor locations throughout New Jersey and New York
  • Skills Clinic and RDS options available
  • 4 seasons to select from - Choose your month or register for all!

Winter Training Dates

There are 4 seasons available, each lasting 4 weeks, with the exception of December with 3 weeks. Each weekly session lasts 1 hour. We will offer some sessions during the November month as well.

Winter Season 1 – December 2023

Winter Season 2 – January 2024

Winter Season 3 – February 2024

Winter Season 4 – March 2024

Winter Training Age Groups

Most locations offer the following age groups:

Session 1: U8 (6-7 years)

Session 2: U10 (8-9 years)

Session 3: U12 (10-11 years)

Note: Some locations also offer programming for ages 4-5 years

Promotional Offers

The following offers are available:

  • Sibling: 10% discount when you book two seasons at the same time
  • 3-Season: $75 off total price if registering for any 3 winter seasons at the same time
  • 4-season: $100 off total price if registering for all 4 winter seasons at the same time
  • Note: Promo code offers can not be combined & can not be used on/with any RDS programs.

Email training@newyorkredbulls.com or call 888-370-7287 to redeem!

Winter Curriculum


  • Dynamic Dribbling
  • Creative Passing
  • Finishing


  • Attacking
  • Combinations
  • Creative Touch
  • Striking


  • 1v1's
  • Specific Passing
  • Deceptive Receiving
  • Goal Scoring


  • Hiding & Shielding
  • Disguised Passing
  • Breaking Pressure
  • Precise Finishing

Winter Session Structure

Intro (10 minutes): An introduction to the training theme of the day.

Main Activity (15 minutes): Challenging environments are created with lots of decision making, repetition and problem solving.

Conditioned Game (15 minutes): The theme of the practice is built into a game-like activity where players can begin to link the concepts of the training session into the context of the game.

Match (20 minutes): Free play in which prior learning is tied into the context of the match. These games will be conducted in small numbers, being 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.

Cancelations and Virtual Platform

If any sessions are cancelled due to a COVID-related issue and cannot be rescheduled, a full credit or refund will be provided.

If any sessions are canceled due to weather, we will provide notice at least 90 minutes prior to the session start time.

Winter Team Training

New York Red Bulls offers Team Training to youth soccer teams throughout the Winter Season. This provides youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development as a team during the off season. It also provides an opportunity for select travel teams within the New York and New Jersey region to be trained utilizing the Red Bulls Approach to Development.

To get started, fill out the form found here: REQUEST FORM

The following five-step model is used to ensure consistent and effective results:

Five Step Planning Model

  1. Pre-Analysis Prior to the commencement of training, each team manager will be sent a link to complete an initial team analysis form. This information is used by the trainer to get a better understanding of the teams needs and demands prior to the start of the program.
  2. Development Plan Based on the content of the analysis form and the outcomes of the first session, the trainer creates an online training plan for the duration of the season. The plan relates to the Red Bulls Building Blocks of Player Development. The plan also details the amount of time that will be spent in each area. Training plans are posted to the team online account.
  3. Individual Session Plans Building from the development plan, an individual session plan is created by the trainer for each session delivered. The individual session plan is linked to the seasonal development plan and provides a breakdown of the session content. At the start of each session the trainer will provide the parent coach with a carbon copy of the session plan.
  4. Game Analysis Throughout the season, the trainer attends games to evaluate how the team is performing in game situations. Following attendance at each game the trainer will post a report to the parent coach’s online account.
  5. End-of-Season Report At the end of the training program, the trainer completes an online end of season report that reviews the positives and challenges from the past season as well as the recommended next steps in the team’s development.

If you have already booked an indoor space or have access to indoor space, let us know and we will schedule a Red Bulls trainer to work with your team.

If you don't have a space booked and don't have access to indoor space, we can host your team at one of our locations (we have many throughout New York and New Jersey!  We'll work with you on scheduling and assigning a Red Bulls trainer to your team.

​To get started, fill out the form found here: REQUEST FORM

For more information, email training@newyorkredbulls.com or call 1-888-370-7287.