Winter Training Clinics

New York Red Bulls Winter Training Clinics are on for 2020-2021! Providing youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development during the off-season, Winter Training Clinics will run at select premium indoor locations throughout New York and New Jersey.

Better for your family to play soccer from the comfort and safety of home? Check out Winter Virtual Clinics. Ready for advanced soccer (and goalkeeper-specific training)? Check out RDS Clinics.

Learn more about Health & Safety protocols for Winter Clinics here.

For this year’s winter program, we are excited to provide the opportunity for participants to order an affordable Red Bulls training uniform via We encourage players to purchase at least one of the training shirts, shorts, and socks. This is entirely optional. CLICK HERE and insert "winter uniform" for the pop-up box.


Winter Training Benefits

  • Individual skills development
  • Off-season improvement
  • Premium indoor locations throughout New Jersey and New York
  • RDS and Virtual options available
  • 3 seasons to select from - Choose your month or register for all!


Winter Training Dates

This year, there are 3 seasons available, each lasting 4 weeks. Each weekly session lasts 1 hour.

Winter Season 1 – January 2021

Winter Season 2 – February 2021

Winter Season 3 – March 2021


Winter Training Age Groups

Most locations offer the following age groups:

Session 1: U8 (6-7 years)

Session 2: U10 (8-9 years)

Session 3: U12 (10-11 years)

  • Note: Some locations also offer programming for ages 4-5 years


Winter Skills Clinic Program Pricing

# of Sessions
Skills Clinic
Skills Clinic – Futbolinho

Early and Late Registration Dates

Early – Register on or Before
Early – Register on or After
12/1 (Wed)
12/15 (Tue)
1/12 (Tue)
1/26 (Tue)
2/9 (Tue)
2/23 (Tue)

Promotional Offers

The following offers are available:

  • Sibling: 10% discount when you book two seasons at the same time
  • 3-Season: $50 off total price if registering for any 3 winter seasons at the same time


Winter Curriculum





1 Dynamic Dribbling Hiding & Shielding Attacking
2 Creative Passing Combinations Disguised Passing
3 Creative Touch Breaking Pressure Deceptive Receiving
4 Finishing Striking Goal Scoring


Winter Session Structure

Intro (10 minutes): An introduction to the training theme of the day.

Main Activity (15 minutes): Challenging environments are created with lots of decision making, repetition and problem solving.

Conditioned Game (15 minutes): The theme of the practice is built into a game-like activity where players can begin to link the concepts of the training session into the context of the game.

Match (20 minutes): Free play in which prior learning is tied into the context of the match. These games will be conducted in small numbers, being 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.


Winter Team Training

Winter Team Training Overview

New York Red Bulls offers Team Training to youth soccer teams throughout the Winter Season. This provides youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development as a team during the off season. It also provides an opportunity for select travel teams within the New York and New Jersey region to be trained utilizing the Red Bulls Approach to Development.

​To get started, fill out the form found here: REQUEST FORM

The following five-step model is used to ensure consistent and effective results:

Five Step Planning Model

Step Description Overview
1 Pre-Analysis Prior to the commencement of training, each team manager will be sent a link to complete an initial team analysis form. This information is used by the trainer to get a better understanding of the teams needs and demands prior to the start of the program.
2 Development Plan Based on the content of the analysis form and the outcomes of the first session, the trainer creates an online training plan for the duration of the season. The plan relates to the Red Bulls Building Blocks of Player Development. The plan also details the amount of time that will be spent in each area. Training plans are posted to the team online account.
3 Individual Session Plans Building from the development plan, an individual session plan is created by the trainer for each session delivered. The individual session plan is linked to the seasonal development plan and provides a breakdown of the session content. At the start of each session the trainer will provide the parent coach with a carbon copy of the session plan.
4 Game Analysis Throughout the season, the trainer attends games to evaluate how the team is performing in game situations. Following attendance at each game the trainer will post a report to the parent coach’s online account.
5 End-of-Season Report At the end of the training program, the trainer completes an online end of season report that reviews the positives and challenges from the past season as well as the recommended next steps in the team’s development.



Training Session Format

All sessions follow a proven format that ensures maximum learning and skill retention; the following table provides an overview of how a typical training session would be structured.


% of Time

Key Points

Warm Up


  • Main focus is to maximize ball contact
  • One ball per player to develop skill mastery

Main Activity 


  • Focus on one main theme per session
  • Technical application to skill mastery
  • Techniques introduced on a scale from non-opposed
    to fully opposed

Conditioned Play


  • Small sided group play
  • Conditions added to reinforce the application of skill
  • Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities



  • Session ends with a competitive scrimmage



  • Review of daily topic and homework assignment

How do I sign up?

There are two ways to schedule Red Bulls Training during the Winter Season. 

  1. If you have already booked an indoor space or have access to indoor space, let us know and we will schedule a Red Bulls trainer to work with your team. 
  2. If you don't have a space booked and don't have access to indoor space, we can host your team at one of our locations (we have many throughout New York and New Jersey! Check the map above for locations nearest to you).  We'll work you on scheduling and assigning a Red Bulls trainer to your team.  

​To get started, fill out the form found here: REQUEST FORM

For more Information, email or call 1-888-370-7287.


Winter Clinic FAQ


 What is the focus of the Winter Training Programs?

The clinics provide youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skill development during the off-season. The focus of the program is on individual technical development; each session focuses on a different technique. A breakdown of the curriculum can be found here.

 What is the difference between a Skills Clinic and RDS Clinics?

RDS Winter Clinics are try-out based and therefore cater to advanced level players. Skills clinics are open registration and cater to a broad range of players.

 What is Futbolinho?

Futbolinho is Red Bulls’ version of futsal. It uses a fast-paced, small-sided curriculum that focuses on individual skills such as dribbling, moves, and turns. Played using low rebound, size 2 soccer balls, each player spends maximum contact time on the ball, thereby improving their confidence and composure while in possession. The hardwood floor, enclosed walls, and continuous playing time all lead to a fast-paced game that improves a player’s reactions, agility, speed, and confidence in one versus one situations.

 When do winter clinics run?

For the 2020-2021 Winter season, we are offering three seasons:

Season 1 = January

Season 2 = February

Season 3 = March

 How are the training groups constructed?

Training groups are co-ed and are allocated based on age groups. Each winter location serves 3 age groups: 6-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-11 years. The average player-to-coach ratio is 1:14.

 Can I sign up for both RDS and Training Programs, and withdraw from Training Programs if accepted at RDS try-out?

Yes, as long as the winter season you are registering for doesn’t start before the RDS program.  Players may register for a Skills clinic to ensure a space is saved, and then register for RDS try-outs which are held the week before. In the event the player is accepted for RDS, they may withdraw from the Skills clinic, receiving a full refund and with all admin fees waived.

 Can I attend with my whole team?

Yes, if booked early enough, a full team can be booked in one time slot. If the team has fewer than 12 players, other individually registered players may be placed in the group. Additionally, teams that have access to indoor space in their own community can inquire about booking a trainer to specifically work with their team in their home community.

 Are there any winter Red Bulls teams?

Red Bulls winter sessions are strictly on a supplementary basis. However, RDS offers Showcase Tournament teams for the top-level players in the program, and participation is strictly by invite only. The invitation process ends by December each year. Players interested in the program can earn eligibility through participation in RDS programs throughout the year. To learn more about the process, visit:

 How do I register?

All registrations are taken online. Click here!

 Do I need to bring immunization records, or fill them out online?

You do not need to bring or fill out the immunization records for a winter clinic.

 Is there a set check-in and check-out location and procedure?

Yes, our coaches will meet you at the entrance of the field and check you player in and out for each training session. Parents or guardians must be present for this procedure. If anyone other than the players parent will be picking the player up, please provide a note for our coaches to be aware.

 Are there bathroom facilities at each location?

Yes! Each of our host locations have bathroom facilities available.

 What equipment is my player given?

Players will have the opportunity to purchase a shirt, shorts and socks via More information will be provided in your confirmation email.

 What clothing should my child wear?

Your child should wear comfortable sportswear. Also, make sure they are dressed appropriately for the indoor facility climate as not all facilities are fully heated. Players attending RDS are required to wear white shorts and white socks, and will be provided with a navy RDS training tee shirt which should be worn at all times.

 What footwear should my child wear?

Your child should wear turf shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or sneakers. For indoor sessions, do not wear cleats.

 What equipment should my child bring?

Your child should bring water, shin guards, and a soccer ball. For RDS sessions, players do not need to bring a ball, as the coaches provide these each week.

 How are weather related cancellations communicated?

If any program is cancelled, you will receive notification via email. If you do not receive an email, it is safe to assume that training is still on!

 In the event of a cancellation, when is the make-up date?

Make-up sessions are only offered based on facility availability. Although we make every effort to organize a make-up session, this is contingent on the facility being able to accommodate the extra field time. In the event that the facility is unavailable for a make-up session, no refunds will be offered. An account credit for the equal value of the time will be applied to your account for use on future programs.

Please note, if you are unable to attend a session due to a personal schedule conflict, refunds, pro-rating, or substitute locations will not be offered.

 Are there discounts for registering for multiple seasons?

Yes, the following multi-season discounts are offered:

Register for 2 seasons and save 10%

Register for 3 seasons and save 15%

To receive a discount code please email

 How do I use a multi season discount code?

To utilize the discount, please add all 2 or 3 sessions to your cart. Initially, you will select the first session and then during the final stages of the registration process you’ll be able to add additional sessions. During the payment process, add the discount code. Contact us at if you do not already have the discount code.

 Can't find what you are looking for?

For more Information, email or call 1-888-370-7287.