Team Camp

Team camps are for groups of 10 or more players that sign up as a full team. The New York Red Bulls understands that every team has its own unique training demands. Therefore, a flexible curriculum approach is offered so that selected topics can be extensively covered and revisited based on the team’s ability level and rate of progress. There are four core building blocks that make up the team camp training week. Central to each area is maximum ball contact, conditioning with the ball, and team building.

Choose from one of our current locations or contact us to host a team camp in your town (must have 2 or more teams). Any location with an existing Day Camp is a potential location for a Team camp – see location options in North Jersey, Central Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island. For any other questions, contact us at or 1-888-370-7287.

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Designed for teams that want to enjoy a week of training with their teammates, Residential Team Camps provide teams with the opportunity to take part in a unique, immersive youth soccer training experience. The five-day on-campus custom-designed curriculum provides training focusing on the Red Bulls' building blocks of player development. Our coaching staff will consult with you or your team coach to create a tailored curriculum so that the players receive a customized training plan specific to the team's needs. The team camp experience also helps foster great bonding and cultural experiences!

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  • Minimum of 10 players
  • Teams can be comprised of players from other teams within the club
  • Contact us to receive instructions to register as well as a discount code